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President Ronald Reagan's Endorsement of Pachyderms

“Our freedoms are not safe unless we as citizens interest ourselves in government, inform ourselves about it, and involve ourselves in it. That is precisely what Pachyderms are doing.”  -- President Ronald Reagan

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"The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help." — Ronald Reagan

LINKS Of Possible Interest


Snohomish County Republican Party

King County Republican Party


Snohomish Co. Voting Info.

Find your precinct number, legislative district, congressional district, etc.

Find your precinct boundaries.

Find addresses within your precinct.


Conservative Senior Associations:

American Seniors Association (ASA)

Association of Mature Citizens (AMAC)


Other Links

Young Republicans:

Americans for a Balanced Budget Amendment

The Patriot Club (A young Conservative Group)


The Red Barn Community Farm

Northwest GOP Leaders Fund

Rob Toyer - running for State Representative, District 44, Postion 1

Jim Upton - running for Snohomish County Shreriff

Pachyderms working on the farm


The Red Barn Community Farm is in the Lowell Neighborhood, Everett, WA. It lies in the 100-year flood plain of the Snohomish River. The soil is rich bottom soil, Puget Sound Silty Loam. It has been well drained with ditches and a drainage canal. The farm is part of a 400 acre areas owned by the City of Everett. 2011 was our first year as a Community Farm.

- The Red Barn Community Farm Manager

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President:       Clyde Franklin

Vice President: Norm Nunnally

Secretary:        BJ Shamburger

Treasurer:        Carol Nunnally

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Our many and varied speakers come from a wide range of occupations including public office holders both partisan and nonpartisan with varied backgrounds and political leanings.